The Rock is still holding Stone Colds Custom made belt. He tricked us into thinking he threw it in the Detroit River after throwing Stone over first. NOT! Rock says" That trailer Park Trash will have to take it from him. It isn't like The Rattlesnake isn't trying.

On Monday Night RAW (4/19/99) ROCK is making a point to bury STONE and his Roody Pooh Belt.A picture of Stone sits on the casket.


The Rock was born Dwayne Johnson on May 2 1972 in the state of California. His mother is of Samoan heritage, the daughter of the High Chief- Peter Maivia, and his father the great legend Rocky Johnson is of African-Canadian heritage. The Rock first got into sports by playing high school football at the age of 14 at Freedom High in Bethleham,Pa. By his senior year The Rock was considered one of the best definsive tackles in the state.So much so that he caught the attention of the Maimi Hurricanes head coach at the time Dennis Erickson. Erickson paid the Rock a visit and offered him a 4 year scholarship and the Rock accepted. While playing at Miami the Rock won a National championship in his very first year-1991.In 1995 The Rock graduated and signed a contract with the Calgary Stampeder's of the Canadian Football Leauge.After playing on the team for one season The Rock decided that playing in the CFL or football wasn't for him and decided to take a crack at what was in his blood-Professional Wrestling.

Rock's grandfather, High Chief Peter Maivia, passed away in 1982 when Rock was only 9. His grandmother, Lia Maivia, lives in Hawaii where she promoted for many years after his grandfather bought the lucrative promotion from Ed Francis. "She continued it after my grandfather passed away and did extremely well," says Rock. "It was a really hot territory, and guys would regularly hot-shot over there for shows. She had a good relationship with Vince (McMahon) Sr. as well as Vince Jr., Jim Crockett, Bob Geigel and all those guys who would let the guys who were flying over Hawaii just stop by for a shot."

Rock, whose first bouts were tryout matches for the WWF in March 1996, signed with the company in April and started his pro career on the Memphis circuit in May of that year, calling his four-month stint in Memphis "a great experience." "It was a very basic contract," says Rock. "The guarantee was like $150, which was fine with me, I was happy just to get that. I knew I was going to work for everything I got." While there he wrestled under the name Flex Kavana and won the tag team title with Bart Swayer. By October the WWF brass felt that he was ready to make the jump to the big leauges.The federation started to run week by week ads telling fans just who Dwayne Johnson was and about his up coming debut at the Survior Series. It was at this time that DJ announce that in honour of his grandfather Peter Maiva and his Father Rocky Johnson that he would now be known as Rocky Maivia.

On November 17 1996 the Rock made his WWF debut at Madison Square Gardens in a six man tag team bout.Being the last man on his team still in the ring, the Rock gave his opponent a shoulder breaker and pinned him to the delight of the fans. As months passed by the Rock was winning match after match and in February 1997 was giving a Inter-Continental title shot against Hunter Hearst Hemsley on Monday Night Raw. To the surprise of the fans in attendance and watching,somehow this blue-chipper defeated Triple H,and became the youngest IC champion in WWF history.Over the next few months for some reason some of the fans started chanting Rocky Sucks probably envious that he gained so much so fast. Soon the Rock would lose the title to Owen Hart, and it was not long after that,that he blew his knee out and had to take a few months off. In July of 1997 the Rock was sitting in the audience at a Raw card when all of a sudden he jump into the ring to the aid of Nation of Domination leader Farooq and than signifying that he was the newest member of the N.O.D. The Rock all of a sudden had a new attitude and a certain cockyness or arrogance about him. Explaining that he tried to be what the fans wanted him to be,but was not appreciated for it,nd that it was time to be himself. This really irated the fans, and over the next few months the chants of Rocky sucks grew louder and louder.The Rock now became the man the fans loved to hate. In December of 1997 after feuding with IC champion Stone Cold Steve Austin for a while SCSA relinquished the belt and the Rock being the number one contender once again became the IC champion.

Now that he was the IC champion once again the Rock's ego grew even bigger and eventually he tried to convinced Kama and D'LO Brown that he would be better at leading the N.O.D. Convincing them of this they turned on Farooq and added the world's strongest man Mark Henry,and the Rock was the new leader.Over the next few months Owen Hart would join the Nation. For nine months the Rock was the IC champ until he lost it to Triple H at Summer Slam in August of 1998. In September the Rock became the number one contender for the Heavyweight title by defeating Ken Shamrock and Mankind in a Triple Threat Match. Over the last little while the fans have been falling more and more in love with the Rock, and go crazy everytime he does the People's Elbow.To the envy of the Nation members they have decided to turn their backs on the Rock and kick him out. But knowing the Rock, he could give two pieces of monkey crap about the Nation and knows that bigger and better things are ahead for him. On November 15,1998 the Rock as we told you became the WWF Champion after defeating Mankind at the Surviour Series.Much to the delight of the fans the Rock then turned around and sold out by joining the WWF Corporation and siding with Vince and Shane Machman.Once again the fans started booing and chanting Rocky sucks.The following night the Rock appeared on Raw and told the fans that he had to do,what he had to do, to become the WWF champ, and if that meant kissing Vince's butt then that's what he had to do,as he made the statement "Hell the Rock is a millionare and the WWF champ, you do smell what the Rock is cookin?" He also informed the fans that the most electrifying move in sports entertainment today-as he put it- the Peoples Elbow would now be called the Corporate Elbow.So the Rock is now the Coporate champion, but for how long.Only time will tell, but from our sources it won't be too long, because the Rock will soon turn on Vince, Shane and the rest of the corporation for the respect of his fans.Stay tuned, the saga continues.

Rock's rise to the top in the wrestling business has been meteoric. It was a ladder match with Hunter Hearst Helmsley at last year's Summer Slam pay-per-view that catapulted him to the next level. The match went over half an hour - much longer than had been planned - and was a defining moment in Rock's career.

"With something like that, the drama has to build," says Rock. "Looking back on it, I really don't regret it that much. That was a plateau for my career. We were talking a couple of months before the ladder match, and it was brought up that this would be the match that turns me. In a lot of ways it did."

The Rock is married to Merrill Lynch associate vice president Dany Johnson, 30. The couple, who met when he was a freshman football prospect at the University of Miami, married in 1996 and are building a 4,200-square-foot-home in Davie, Fla., a byproduct of The Rock's rapid rise to fame in the wrestling business.