Sable's bodyguard...Nicole Bass...She seems to have a thing for Val Venus!!!

The Above photo was taken prior to losing the belt to Debra, but we all know that with Sable's busy schedule and her next Playboy shoot didn't leave her with much time to defend her belt. Sable's second Playboy shoot is due out in August of '99.

This Interview With Sable Obviously was taken before her PLAYBOY shoot.

Q & A With Sable!

Everyone wants to know more about this lovely WWF Superstar! WWFSABLE.COM will be presenting frequent Q & A sessions with the lovely Sable! Please be patient, this page is updated as often as possible!! Check back often for more from Sable!!

Q: Did you make the site yourself or did someone else? if you didn't do you have your own site anywhere on the net?thanx

A: The site was constucted by my good friend Brian Bentley at Missing Link Media. He does a great job with my site.

Q: I saw your unbelivable performance at Wrestlmania 14, and I was wondering how could you agree to be in a strip match with Luna after you displayed such incredible talent at Wrestlmania??? Don't you think the WWF is kinda putting you on a platter so to speak???

A: This is just a one of a kind match that I won't be doing very often, hopefully never again! At WM14 I proved that I do have talent and I intend to wrestle again if need be.


A: Marc and I never talked about me working at WCW. I was happy traveling with Marc and helping him. It was Marc's idea at first to have me be his Manager. When Marc and I flew to NY to meet Vince McMahon, Vince asked me to give it a shot. The rest is history. Although I never in my wildest dreams ever thought I would be wrestling!

Q:I've noticed Marc has not been wearing his knee brace lately. Is his knee healed?

A: Marc's knee has improved to a point where he feels the knee brace slows him down. Against doctors orders he refuses to wear the brace.

Q: Are you nervous about stepping into the ring against that lunatic Luna? I have no doubt in my mind that you will beat her, but I was thinking that since you never know where Marc's head is these days that you might be a little worried.

A: As in any big show like WrestleMania you get a little nervous. I am very confident in my ability that what ever happens I will be able to deal with it!

Q: Are you ever going to step between the ropes rather than just staying outside them. It seems to me that you and Luna Vachon haven;t been getting along very well!!.....Possible WM14 match?

A: I know I have said before I would never want to wrestle but Luna is one person I would love to fight at WrestleMania!

Q: Hi Sable. First off I would like to thank you and Marc for sending me an autograph a year ago. It was very nice of you two to take time out of your busy schedule to do that for me. My question is what city or state do you enjoy going to the most?

A: You're welcome! I would say I enjoy Florida the most. The warm weather makes you feel so good!

Q: I heard you owned horses, is that true??? I love horses.

A: Yes I do, I have a Paint named Apachee. He kicked me in the face a few months back. Everyone thought Jim Ross was going with an angle, but I really got kicked! My eye was swollen shut for a couple of days.

Q: What inspired Mark to shave his head? Did you shave it for him, and what do you think of his new look? Do you know how to cut hair??

A: I don't know what (inspired) him. I like him with his long hair much better. Yes I can cut hair pretty good....ask Marc! LOL

Q: Sable I was wondering if you knew if the Undertaker is still in the WWF? If so when is he coming back? I miss him.

A: I also miss him. Hopefully we will see him soon! Q: Sable, Your Bio says you come from Eastern Florida. What City? A: I was born and raised in Jacksonville, Fl

Q: If Shawn Michaels or another WWF superstar came up to you and asked you to be their manager whold you do it?

A: That is a possibility. There are a few that I would be glad to manage and Shawn is one of the best!

Q: I will be at a house show on March 7th in Detroit at the Cobo Center and I was wondering if you or any of the wrestlers would be signing autographs before or after the show? By the way, I love you!

A: I will be there in Detroit and I'm looking forward to that show! As far as an autograph session goes, I'm not aware of one that I'm involved with.

Q: what kind of music do listen to? what are your favorite groups? thanks

A: I like all kinds of music.

Q: Dear Sable, Is the Patroit still in the WWF , and what was your opion on him?

A: The last I heard the Patriot tore his tricep. I don't know what his current status is. He was a very good wrestler with a promising career, I hope his injury doesn't prevent him from returning.

Q: I recently met you at a show in Huntington, WV and you signed a calendar(delicious) for me. Doesn't it get hard sometimes dealing with all of the crazy admirers you have?

A: If it wasn't for the fans there wouldn't be a Sable! It make me happy that people are interested in meeting me.

Q: I've seen pictures with you posing with cougar, was that your pet?

A: No, it was owned by a man in Tampa, Fl. The Cougar really took a liking to me and for some reason didn't like Marc!

Q: Sable, would you ever consider to manage Mankind/Dude Love/Cactus Jack?

A: I guess I could sign a contract with all three! LOL

Q: dear sable, what are you going to wear on the next raw?

A: You will just have to tune in on Monday!

Q: Hey Sable, don't you get tired of the same thing every night - the hotels, different cities, arenas, etc......... ?

A: Sometimes I do, But traveling can be very exciting and I love what I do.

Q: Dear Sable i have started a fan club in australia..on a epsode of superstars we saw Dude-Love give you a little wav and a dance and you did them back..Any plans on managering the DUDSTER??

A: I have always admired Dude Love. That may not be a bad idea!

Q: Do you have a seperate locker room from the men. Do you share your locker room with anyone?

A: The girls share their own locker room seperate from the men.

Q; Sable, Is Marlena still in the wwf,and did you get along with her?

A: Marlena is still in the WWF, she's just taking a break. Marlena and I get along great, I miss her.

Q: A couple of weeks ago Stone Cold Stunned Mero. He then looked at you and we all saw a smile on your face what did he say or what did he do?

A: Wouldn't you like to know! LOL

Q: Dear Sable are you tired of marc pushing you around .

A: If you have been watching the show, I always get the last laugh!

Q: Just wanted to comment on the lovely photo gallery you have in the RAW magazine. You keep saying that you want to get Marc a title shot before you may actually leave him as manager. Why does he deserve a title shot, in your opinion? He was a former champion, but has not beaten anyone of stature since his return from his injury. Please comment if you would.

A: Marc won the IC title by beating Stone Cold, Owen Hart and Farook. He still has a lot of talent and I believe he will win it again.

Q: On Monday 01-12-98 Goldust impersonated you on Raw. According to your body language you did not seem happy. After this stunt pulled by Marc Mero and Goldust will you stay with Marc?

A: No I wasn't happy, I think some things are getting ridiculous. Marc will be in for a big surprise soon!

Q: When is Wrestle Vessel 98?

A: I believe it's in September on the Disney cruise line. I'm really looking forward to it!

Q: Sable, do you think that the whip restricts you from doing your job when at ringside?

A: Not at all, In fact it may come in handy! LOL


A: That's a good question. I have been talking to some other talent in the WWF. I can't reveal who it is just yet.

Q: I think it's about time for you to do a little talking in the WWF. I'm sure you have talent but all you need is the opportunity. Perhaps joining Degeneration X would be a perfect thing to do. What do you think?

A: I couldn't agree with you more! I don't know about joining DX, I'll think about it!

Q: Sable, I just want to know your opinion on the people in the WWF, like Shawn Michaels, Steve Austin, Undertaker, Steve Austin, etc? (not so much the wrestlers...but what they are like behind the scenes.)

A: I get along with all the Guys in the WWF. The one thing that stands out is their sense of humor. They always have me laughing.

Q: Does it bother you when people come up to you on your time off asking for autographs and pictures ?

A: Not at all, If it wasn't for my fans there wouldn't be a Sable!

Q: Sable, in a past WWF RAW magazine, there was an article saying you were secretly planning to manage the Undertaker! It showed pictures of you wearing the Undertakers hat and modeling Undertaker cloths! If you aren't planning to manage him yet, would you want to! I think you 2 would make an excellent duo! What do you think??

A: There was talk about me possibly managing the UT. Right now I want to get Marc a shot at a title. Then I will explore other options.

Q: Sable how does it feel to have your very own figure made by Jakks Pacific, do you think it looks like yourself or do you dislike it?

A: I think Jakks does a great job, although I wish they would update my figure from the dress to the black leather look. When you see yourself on a figure I look at it like its someone else, It's just hard to believe it's me!

Q: After seeing RAW on 1-5-98. Are you going to be Stone Cold's manger. Both of you are very popular in the WWF.

A: You never know.....Anything can happen in the WWF!!

Q: What is your opinion on Chyna?

A: Chyna is a wonderful person, and funny! we have a great time on the road.

Q: Marc has one ego problem, I think you should be allowed to do what you want, when you want! But this is my question, how do you maintain you're figure? And what type of foods do you eat?

A: I workout just about everyday and do a lot of cardio. Eating is the most important aspect of looking lean. I eat egg whites and whole wheat bread for breakfast followed by chicken breast, potatoes, rice, fish with fruits and vegetables for lunch & dinner small meals 4-5 times a day

Q: What would you like your fans to do to support you? Thank you!

A: It's always fun to see all the Sable signs at the shows.

Q: I know you mentioned it during the Slammies, but who (no, not Jim Neidhart) designs your outfits? Do you have any feedback into the designing of your outfits? And what EXACTLY are those outfits made of?

A: I have my outfits special made by my seamstress in Atlanta, Georgia. I design most my outfits. My outfits are made out of a stretch plastic!

Q: Could you please ask sable if she would consider cutting her long blonde hair shorter, at least to a shoulder length or even shorter. she is beautiful, but her hair is too long, and a nice shoulder length cut would be awesome on her. see if she would consider it. does she have an e-mail address where i could send her mail?

A: LOL It took me so long to grow my hair long, now you want me to cut it! I don't see getting my hair cut anytime soon. I will be posting an e-mail address soon.

Q: Would you ever consider posing for Playboy?

A: If I had a say over how it would be done, maybe... but not nude. Marc would never go for it!

Q: Would you consider managing someone else here in the near future perhaps maybe stone cold?

A: That's a good question. I maybe exploring other options in the near future. Right now my main concern is getting Marc a title shot. Stone Cold is one of my favorite wrestlers. We get along very well!

Q: Sable, as a wrestling fan I am having trouble figuring out some of the storylines in the WWF. Are they trying to portray as a wife beater or just a jealous husband? So, why do they have to do either...can't they just stay with both you and Marc's great assets to the WWF?

A:Marc is very jealous of my success in the WWF. He busts his ass and nobody appreciated his he says. He has never hit me. Or done anything to me where I haven't come out on top!

Q: How did you meet "Marvelous" Marc and how long have you known each other?

A: I met Marc back when he was with WCW, in a restaurant in Florida, He was with Diamond Dallas Page and Marcus Bagwell.

Q: We hear your were in a video for MTV, what was it? Keep up the great work! Thanks!

A: Actually it was a commercial for Guess jeans made for MTV.

Q: I was wondering what your real opinions are about Tammy Sytch (AKA Sunny) and her fans?

A: I think Sunny is very talented and beautiful. I'm sad to say that we are not the best of friends. She has never seemed to like me for what ever reason I don't know. Hopefully someday we can be friends.

Q: Sable for a while there clips showing your martial arts background. Plus you seemed to be getting more involved in matches after those clips. Since Marc's new image you have stopped getting physically involved. Any plans to get involved again. Or may we see you use your background for say your own wrestling matches if the wwf ever starts up womens wrestling again. I'm sure I'm not the only one who would want to see you in sunny grapple.

A: I have trained in kickboxing for many years. I would like to get more involved but as you can see Marc already thinks I'm stealing HIS spotlight. I have no plans to wrestle.

Q: Sable, Why don't you leave marc mero? He doesn't own you like he says he does!

A: Keep watching, You will see some things developing real soon. And you're right he doesn't know me that well!

Q: What do you think of "Rena's Rebels"?

A: I think their great! It's nice to know that they took the time to start the fan club.

Q: What's it like to be a show stopper in the wwf?

A: I never considered myself a show stopper. I'm just having a great time with my fans when I'm performing!


A: I modeled for a few years. I did Guess Jeans and Pepsi commercials to name a few.


A: The only wrestler I have managed is Marvelous Marc Mero. When I first came to the WWF I escorted Hunter Hearst Helmsley to the ring at Wrestlemania. If Marc doesn't watch it, I may be managing someone else real soon!

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Sable Sues

Below is a statement made by the WWF in lieu of the lawsuit by "Sable". It has been settled. Sable left the WWF with accusations of trying to make her accidentally expose her breasts on National tv among others.

WWF, Reno Mero Settlement

July 24, 1999 Statement from The controversy between the World Wrestling Federation and Rena Mero, who formerly played the character "Sable", has been settled. Under the terms of settlement, the World Wrestling Federation can provide no further comment.

Additionally, as of today, Marc Mero is no longer affiliated with the World Wrestling Federation. We wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.