August, 1999

The "National Enquirer" devotes a 2-page spread to the Ninth Wonder of the World, Chyna.

"Wrestling Saved My Life" documents Chyna's life before entering the ring. According to the article, she became a wrestler to escape from her abusive parents who made her life "a living hell". The 29-year old Chyna (real name Joanie Laurer) talked openly about how her mother and alcoholic father tortured her with emotional abuse, including withholding food from her, and throwing out her favourite childhood toys in fits of blinding rage.

Despite her depression over her homelife, Chyna was a remarkably gifted student, earning straight A's and a United Nations scholarship to study in Spain. Fluent in Spanish, German, and French, she graduated high school at 16 and went to the University of Tampa on a scholarship, graduating with a near-perfect 3.8 grade point average. After a series of jobs, including a stint in the Peace Corps, delivering singing telegrams, belly dancing, and Secret Service training, Chyna enrolled in Killer Kowalski's wrestling school.

Now living in New Hampshire with boyfriend Triple H, Chyna has truly achieved happiness in her life, noting that "... all the misery just made me stronger and more determined to succeed."



Real name: Jean-Paul LeVesque

Birthday: July 27th

Hometown: Greenwhich, CT

Stats: Height: 6'5" Weight: 279

History The story starts off on June the 7th 1969 on this day Paul Levesque was born in Nashua, New Hampshire. Paul had a dream to become a wrestler and in and around the late 80's and early 90's Paul got training from one of the greatest wrestlers and greatest wrestling schools, Killer Kowalski Wrestling School.. There Killer had noticed that this man had talent in him ready to burst write out of his body.

In 1992 Paul Levesque's dream had come true, to become a professional athlete. He started off in a independent federation called the IWF. There Paul wrestled under the name of Terra Ryzing. He had help the IWF's heavyweight title in his stay with the IWF. In January of 1994 Paul had made it a step higher, he had joined the WCW.

Paul still wrestled under the name of Terra Ryzing. In his first match with WCW he faced Brian Armstrong {{ Now Road Dog Jesse James}} and defeated him with a move or submission called the Indian Death lock.. In his stay with WCW Paul fought mainly jobbers, but in his short stay with WCW he had a match against the then TV Champion Larry Zybzsko. Terra lost the match. Then with Terra Ryzing disappearing the real person rising in the WCW was Jean- Paul Levesque. The change didn't help him one bit, he still fought jobbers. At Starrcade 1994 Paul fought Alex Wright and lost.

Bischoff and company were pleased with Levesque's development and saw his as a future WCW star. As such they were stunned-and ticked off- when the tall blond took the BIGGEST step in his career by negotiating a contract with the WWF. The WCW hierarchy saw the move as the act of an ingrate. Triple H got a name befitting a snob and began his WWF run in May of 1995 inexplicably behaving very much like Lord Steven Regal. Then the roller coaster ride began for him. Like any other starter they have a good start and HHH had a great start. As a stuck up english-man with a bad attitude the fans didn't like him. A couple of years ago HHH had a different women every match, talk about lucky!!! There was one women that was a steping stone for the WWF and that was Sable!!!

In the wrestling extravigate WrestleMania, HHH -vs- Ultimate Warrior, the women beside his side was Sable.After HHH lost to the Warrior,Todd Pettingill was introducing a new member of the WWF, Marc Mero in that interview HHH walks by yelling at Sable telling it was all her fault that she lost. Marc got angry and attacked HHH and one thing lead to another and Sable went on to manage Marc.

Paul's upper-class attitude had mixed reactions from fans, some liked him and some could give a hoot about him. It was time for a change, a change for bigger and better. HHH captured his first taste of gold in the WWF when he beat Marc Mero for the Intercontinental Title. He later lost his Intercontinental Title to Goldust. Between his feud with Goldust he had acquired the acquisition of Chyna; The ninth wonder of the world. This muscular women was just a blank to the WWF fans. They didn't know who she was or what she was doing in the WWF. The King of the Ring 1997 was all Hunters, he caputered the throne and was for a short time known as the King of the Ring: HHH. At SummerSlam 1997 Triple H had one of the greatest Steel Cage matches, when he faced Mankind. Even though he lost the match it was a great performance by Hunter.

To the chagrin of many other wrestlers, Helmsley soon became known behind the scenes as someone trying to brown-nose his way into the Klique. Whe Klique members Syxx, Hall and Nash went off to start the NWO, Triple H became Shawn Michaels' best buddy remaining in the WWF.

One minute of their interviews together makes it perfectly clear who's kissing up whom. Knock it if you will, but it has paid off for Hunter. Besides being entrenched in the spotlight as part of DX, he also had the European title virtually handed to him by Michaels!

In 1997 D-X was feuding with The Hart Foundation, one of the great rivalrys of 1997. After Bret, Bulldog, and Jim Neidhart shipped boards to WCW, HHH and the rest of DX had no other competion. The first to leave D-X was Rick Rude who also left to WCW. Then it was just HHH, Michales, and Chyna. Michales earlier had won the European Title but hadn't defended it and on a Raw he had to defend it against HHH. Shawn just laid downed and HHH pinned him and 1..2..3, HHH is the European Champion.

The next big challenge for HHH was at WrestleMania XIV. There he succesfully defended his European Title against Owen Hart. At the Royal Rumble Shawn Michales injured his back and was forced to lose his WWF Heavyweight Title to Stone Cold Steve Austin at WretleManiaXIV. On the next Raw HHH got a huge push, since Michales needing to be out indefinetly HHH declared himself the new leader of D-X. In the later weeks to come D-X brought on the acquisitions of X-Pac (Sean Waltman) and The New Age Outlaws (Jesse James & Billy Gunn).

With D-X getting popular with the fans along came the pushes and along came the wins and along came greatness. On a Raw a couple of months ago Triple H lost his European Title to D-Lo brown. But the lost of his European Title was actually a blessing. In the weeks following his lose to D-Lo Brown, HHH started a great feud with "The Rock" Rocky Maivia. Then the match to end all matches between Rocky and HHH was to be settled at SummerSlam 1998 in a Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Title. This was one of the greatest Ladder Matches of all time. A hard fought match that ended with HHH winning the Intercontinental Title.

Way before HHH was to be in the Intercontinental Tile fight, he had injured his knee and with no regard of what his doctors had to say about the danger of wrestling with a banged up knee, Hunter went on fighting, he was determined to fight until that last ounce of strength in his knee remained, and that is what he did. In his Ladder Match with Rocky Maivia he had ruined his knee to were he would have to go under the knife for reconstructive surgery on his knee.Shortly after SummerSlam, HHH did just that, go under the knife and strat the healing of his banged up knee. Through the month of September HHH was the Intercontinental Champion, but on October 12 Hunter was stripped of his Intercontinental Belt, and on that very same RAW, whe saw his belt fall away to Ken Shamrock, a heel in the WWF at that moment. Hunter was scheduled to be back by early 99, preferably around WrestleMania 15 time. But who knows what may happen in the near future.