Shane just announced that Austin will team up w/ The Rock & wrestle against Triple H & the 'Taker!!!!

Kane & X Pac vs. Billy Gunn & Road Dogg 4 the tag team title!! KANE AND X PAC keep the tag team belt.

Shane announced that the Corporation has teamed up w/ the Ministry of Darkness!! And The 'Taker & his boys came out w/ the Corporation!!

The Big Show (Paul Wight) throws The Big Boss Man back in the ring with Mankind. Test & The Big Show helped Mankind by throwing The Big Boss Man back into the ring. Mankind wins via forfeit w/ the help of "Mr. Socko"!

Taker slammed a chair over Vince's head and Shane is slapping his Dad silly while Vince is knocked out. Damn!! The Corp. & The Ministry came to help Triple H & The 'Taker then Ken Shammy & The Big Show & Test came to help Austin & The Rock. They all were in the ring at 1 time!! AWESOME!!